Shapeshifter { a spiritual journey }

So here I am on my couch , with my pillow and laptop writing my very first blog . I sit here wondering if anybody will read this or give a shit about anything I have to say,  i shouldn't care, but I do. On the verge of releasing my latest song Shapeshifter I can't help but examine the depths of my subconscious analysing my art, inside out, upside down, i'm downright nervous to be presenting this part of myself to the world, it's a window into my spiritual beliefs, it's such a vulnerable space for me to make public, but yet such a place of empowerment in my everyday life.

I guess to fully explain my inspiration behind Shapeshifter I have to take you back to the beginning, a little girl growing up in Cairns , a beach baby , a bush baby. A little girl who chased the fairies around the garden and would have long conversations with the tree spirits , a little girl who saw golden glowing orbs above her head at night while she tried to go to sleep.......when I look back now I realise I wasn't crazy but I was fully connected.

Of course I grew up with everybody telling me what a great imagination I had, I learnt in early primary school after been teased by my best friend and others that I needed to squash that part of myself deep deep down, where nobody would ever see , I tried to sever that unexplainable connection to the unseen . I  became an expert at hiding my true self , from others but more importantly from myself.

And as i'm sure most people would guess my teenage years and early adult life was fraught with wild behaviour , drugs and insecurities I'm sure in part at least because I was hiding from such an important facet of myself , I drowned my spirit and I stayed in that place for a long time.

Then like magic, the switch came on and the floodgates opened. I started to awaken again and I got curious, very curious. I read many esoteric books , searched the internet for clarity on what I've experienced , looking for others that had experienced this connection and along the way I found modern paganism, I resonated with this spiritual practice , the reverence for nature....I came to believe I could stand in my power and effect change around me .I learnt about witchcraft, about getting in the mud grass roots magic and I loved it, I started to feel a peace and understanding for the first time since I was a little girl,  I had found a spiritual life.

 I was fascinated by different cultures spiritual beliefs, I gathered an eclectic practice and found inspiration in many places, along the way I experimented with some shamanic practices . Then one day I embarked on a journey to the underworld, by putting myself into a trance I dived down to meet my animal guides. Shapeshifting between animals in a vivid dreamscape I discovered the warrior within , I left with the knowledge that as woman we take on in essence the energies of different animals on a daily basis, some days I am the crocodile and you don't want to mess with me and other times I am the butterfly delicate and beautiful. My deepest hope is this song will help other woman realise and stand in their power.



  • Renee
    Renee Cairns
    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for sharing

  • Dee Lunar
    Dee Lunar
    Thanks Renee xx

    Thanks Renee xx

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