Dee Lunar

Wild abandonment  manifests itself in her music as a raucous cacophony of sound that is equally as beautiful as it is rough around the edges. It’s perfection in imperfection, echoing the rawness of indie and alt rock bands of a generation gone by.


The Cairns-based artist’s teenage and childhood years were spent filling up an inordinate amount of journals with lyrics and poetry. After picking up the guitar and falling in love with the process of songwriting, music quickly became an extension of her art, and eventually -- a full blown obsession. For Dee, nothing feeds her soul in the same capacity that music does, and she has made it her mission to spread that joy to others, as far and wide as possible.

Dee started her musical journey as a solo artist releasing 5 singles by herself  but at the beginning of 2020 she joined forces with drummer Joel clement , the two had an instant musical connection and everything fell into place , she records her vocals and guitars and mixes the music in her humble home studio in Cairns using session bassist Charles Berthoud and now with Joel jumping on drums in Dee's studio they have gone onto release two more singles , Haunt Me and Light My Way and are about to release a new song called Feel The Beat at the end of August . The pair are still on the lookout for a permanent bass player but in the meantime are committed to releasing a new song every month to build momentum and keep the creative juices flowing .

Dee Lunar currently has 7 singles out: Demons (April 2019), Blue Bird (May 2019), and Wicked Mind (July 2019) Shapeshifter (Oct 2019) and Spread The Love (Jan 2020) Haunt Me (June 2020) and Light My Way (July 2020) Her music has received press reviews in publications Happy Mag , NQ Music Press, scope Magazine, 27 Magazine, Graffiti Vibe Magazine and Bluesbunny . Dee has recently done a radio interview with Valley FM Canberra.