Dee Lunar has teamed up with drummer Joel Clement for Light My Way , an indie rock anthem due for release Friday July 17th , with plenty of fuzz and an infectious beat to make you groove but more than that it’s theme poses the question , what is that guiding light ? what is that intangible thing that guides you in your darkest hour ?  that picks you up when you fall and makes you strive for greatness. 

It could be religion , astrology , that inner knowing or higher self. 

Whatever it is we could all use a guiding light in these dark times . 

This will be Dee’s 7th single and her second single with Joel , the pair met late last year and had an instant musical connection and shared passion for making songs with many more to come. 

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Dee Lunar

Dee writes and records alternative indie rock music in her home studio in Cairns, Australia .

Wild abandonment  manifests itself in her music as a raucous cacophony of sound that is equally as beautiful as it is rough around the edges. It’s perfection in imperfection, echoing the rawness of indie and alt rock bands of a generation gone by.

Dee has teamed up with drummer Joel Clement to create some music magic



 Get out the tissues because Dee Lunar’s latest single Haunt Me is an emotional rollercoaster ride , self produced and recorded in her home studio in Cairns with Drummer Joel Clement .

Dee wrote and recorded this song in the midst of grief and trauma after her beautiful staffordshire bull terrier and best friend passed away. 

For anyone who’s lost a pet or loved one this song is sure to touch your heart. 

Haunting vocals soar over sweet melodies setting a melancholy tone that grips the listener as Dee tells the story of her sorrow .                                                       

‘creating music is my therapy’ ~ Dee                                                                                                                       





Introducing Joel Clement on drums

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