Star in my next music video

 I WANT YOU  yes I want you to help me spread the love. 

As 2019 draws to a close and a new decade is upon us , I have decided to release my song spread The Love ( like peanut butter) early January 2020.

A light hearted punk rock/pop song 

with an important message perfect for the new year and decade ahead.  

With all the hate and negativity in the world today I need your help to spread the love.

Grab your phone and video yourself , you're friends and family hugging each other , strangers and anyone who consents .

 I would love footage of people of all colours, sizes, religions , sexualities and circumstances ❤️ I want tough as nail dudes giving each other a bro hug, mothers and babies , lovers embracing, kindness to strangers hugs , human and animal hugs .....any kind of love, throw it my way .

If I end up with too many beautiful videos and not everyone makes it into the music video I promise I will edit together a full length movie  ? and share it on youtube and IG TV.

So if this feels like something you want to get behind email me your videos preferably in We Transfer or Drop Box ??

And I just want to say I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️ PEACE

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